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Minty Lamb – chunks of lean locally sourced lamb in a rich mint gravy

Steak – chunks of tender braising steak in a rich meaty gravy

Liver & Onion – tender ox liver with sweet white onion in a rich onion gravy

Mince & Onion – made with 100% Aberdeen Angus steak mince and sweet white onion in a rich and meaty gravy

Mince & Mushy Pea – as above with quality mushy peas

Cheese & Onion – a tangy Cheddar chese with sweet white onion in a creamy cheese sauce

Cheese, Onion & Haggis – as above with MACSWEEN award winning haggis

Cheese & Garlic – same as cheese & onion with a crushed garlic puree

Spicey Popper – tangy cheese, cream cheese, imported Spanish chorizo, imported Italian pepperoni and jalelenos

Sausage & Bean Melt – quality pork sausage, HP beans topped with tangy grated cheddar

Chicken Korma – roast chicken breast with a creamy Korma sauce and cous cous

Chicken Balti – roast chicken breast in a tasty Balti sauce and cous cous

Chicken & Chorizo – roast chicken breast, imported Spanish chorizo in a smooth and creamy Bechamel sauce

Chicken Vindaloo – roast chicken breast in a spicy hot Vindaloo sauce and cous cous

Chip Shop Curry – roast chicken breast, button mushrooms in a curry sauce

Chicken, Bacon & Leek – roast chicken breast, tasty leeks and back bacon in a creamy sauce

Cornbeef – quality corned beef and a creamy mash with salt and pepper

Cornbeef & bean – as above with HP beans

Sweet & Sour Chicken – roast chicken in a sweet and sour sauce on crispy beansprouts

Kung Po Chicken – as above but with a spicy element to the sauce

Satay Chicken – roast chicken breast in a tangy Satay sauce with noodles

Breakfast – quality pork sausage, back bacon, HP beans and black pudding

Savaloy – chunks of Savaloy, pease pudding and sweet white onion with a touch of pork gravy

Fajita Chicken – roast chicken breast with a fajita rub and sweet peppers

Mexicana – Aberdeen Angus steak mince in a chilli sauce with sweet peppers and jalepenos

Festive Pie (available Nov-Jan) – roast turkey breast, sage onion stuffing, cranberry and turkey gravy

Premium Sausage Rolls – quality pork sausage meat with a perfect puff pastry


Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding & Custard – this is an absolutely gorgeous dessert – sticky toffee pudding with a super velvety sauce and Devon custard

Apple Crumble & Custard – delicious Bramley apple with a layer of Devon custard and the finest crumble topping

Apple & Blackberry Crumble – as above but using a lovely apple and blackberry fruit filling

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