Hi we started pitman pies in early 2019 as its been an idea of mine for over 20 years  

I started baking as a youngster after helping my grandmother bake bread and tarts and I've always baked from then to the present-day, making pies was my hobby  & to my surprise they became very popular with family and friends. When I got the chance to Start baking them commercially I jumped that the opportunity.  

We began to look into developing our own pastry & over the following  four  years,  many different types of butter and flour  & thousands of different combinations of these later we eventually  came up with the pastry mix that we use today in our pies.


Things were looking up so I converted my garage into a development kitchen and locked the doors to the world. For months I went about sourcing the best of ingredients and combining them with our buttery pastry;  Hey presto we had created the perfect pie !


The feedback we gained was immense, so much so it was suggested to me by a former head baker to enter them in a competition so we did in march we entered 3 of our pies into the British pie awards 2019 held in Melton Mowbray ...this competition is highly regarded amongst the nation's bakers with over 885 entrants we came away with a silver and a bronze in their respective categories needless to say we were thrilled by this and ever since then we have gone from strength to strength getting recognised far afield.

We chose pitman pies as the name as we are from a mining community and county and we are extremely proud and passionate about our roots.


On the arm, and helmet of our official logo sits the number 168. This the number of men and boys that lost their lives in an underground explosion at the nearby Burns Pit, Stanley Co Durham on the 16th Feb 1909.


We added this number to our logo to remember these brave souls.